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Reprotint is an ultra high-quality OEM Classic/Vintage Outboard Color Matching paint. The colors offered below are for Firestone outboard motors

We use Dupont Tufcote® Industrial and Mechanical Alkyd & Acrylic Metallic and Non-Metallic Enamels, Primers and Alkyld Clearcoats. Hardening strength and resilience to fade, temperature and chemicals are inherent in these outstanding high strength and endurance products. Color formulas are set and consistency is uniform from one batch to the next.

Choose your first color from drop down list below. Choose qty of color and then push Add to Cart. Repeat process for next color. When you are finished with colors you can change catagories and go to Prep & Finishing to order pre-paint cleaner, primer and clearcoat. When finished, go to view my cart and complete the checkout process.

Reprotint - We formulated it to paint our motors and get museum quality results, and now we are offering it to all restorers and collectors.

All colors are available however due to the shelf life of these speciality paints, we only stock the most popular colors for immediate shipment.
All other colors will generally ship in 10 Business Days.

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